Hey there! Bisexual 20 year old cisgender woman here. I’ve had sex before with other women, and I firmly do not consider myself a virgin.

Sex with a guy for the first time doesn’t hold some special significance for me because I just see it as another kind of sex.

However, I’ve been talking with this guy on Tinder about meeting to hook up. Should I tell him it’d be my first time having penis in vagina sex? I feel like he’s going to think it’s some big deal and either a) freak and not wanna hook up anymore or b) keep talking about how he’s taking my virginity when we get down to business.

It’s really not a big deal to me, and I feel physically ready based on past penetrative experiences and my self-advocacy skills. But do you think I’m doing something wrong if I don’t tell him it’s my first time? Especially interested in guys thoughts if they were the guy in the situation!