We're both 18 years old, so I know we're fairly young but when has that ever stopped a couple right? So, my girlfriend has told me in passing that she does not want to have sex or really any sexual activity until she's ready to have children. This confuses me somewhat, since there are so many methods of contraception out there which would make sex perfectly fine. Also, there are so many other facets of sex that penetration really isn't a necessity, for me anyway.

The reason I'm consulting r/sex is because she comes from a pretty Catholic household and although she is not as religious as her parents, she still grew up in that environment and she is still Catholic. Also, for a long while, she was very innocent. As in she didn't even know what porn was until the eighth grade. Now, I know everyone learns these things at a different pace and I don't judge her or anyone for that, but her naivety, coupled with her upbringing, leads me to assume that she is simply in the dark about everything involved in sex other than penetration and baby making which is making her stay away from it altogether.

So really, I don't know if her abstaining is due to her innocence on the topic or if she does know everything, but just said she wanted to wait for children arbitrarily. I feel that I should also mention that I'm perfectly okay with waiting, it's just that, y'know, the sooner the better right?