This has been going on with me for a while and it’s really messing with me. I feel so guilty because my husband doesn’t seem to mind when he doesn’t (which tbf is very, very rare and is usually because I’m in pain or w/e). I don’t get it. It’s about the journey, not the destination, right? So then why do I feel like crying or even kind of grumpy when it (doesn’t) happen? I’d chalk it up to me being 9 mos postpartum but it’s always been this way. It’s also way worse if it’s really good sex, not just a quicky. I don’t mind that so much. I also don’t mind when I give oral or whatever and it’s not reciprocated because it’s my choice to give it to make my husband happy and therefore I’m happy as well, I even feel almost as if I did finish as well. So what the hell?? I hate this. It just happened a while ago and that’s what inspired this. It’s not normal is it? I’ve literally never seen someone complain about this and I feel pretty upset with myself for it. Wanting to cry bc I didn’t finish seems so stupid to me, I’m not entitled to it. Yet I’m here feeling sad and unfulfilled and icky. Any advice? Anyone else feel this way?

To note: my hormones are all in order, and this has been going on pretty much since I’ve been sexually active and is just seeming to get worse. It’s persisted through birth control of different kinds, off birth control, through pregannacy and post-pregnancy. I’m early 20’sF.