Hello reddit, for some context, I'm not a virgin (nor is he) but I can't say that I'm experienced. I spent a long time (around 2 years, maybe even more) without sex and although I do masturbate a lot I don't have a vibrator nor the habit of penetrating any stuff (not even fingers) in my vagina while doing it. I guess it's just easier rubbing my clit.

Now, weeks ago I confessed to this guy and now we're dating. He has a lot of patience and we usually do lots of foreplay, but good lord, it's hard as fuck to actually fit his penis in my vagina. At all. Not sure if lube would help. I'm usually really wet and yesterday we tried and could do it in missionary and sort of doggy style so yeah it DOES fit eventually, but after sleeping a bit and trying again it just... did not. Not sure if I was nervous (I don't think so).

I'm thinking about maybe talking with a doc or something but since it fitted once it's probably not a doc-worthy-problem, maybe it's a me-problem? Anyway it's kinda frustrating for me and I'm kinda nervous about it since I liked this guy for a long time and the fact that we can't have sex in a more erm natural way really drives me nuts. Is there something I can do about it?