My bf and I have been together for about a year. When we first got together sex was frequent, and good. No problems. Over time it became less frequent, and when we do, he is obviously not as into it as he used to be. A few months ago we were talking about it, and he confessed that he can't feel much when he's inside me.

I've never heard this from a previous partner (though obviously that's not something most people come out and say), and I've never previously had any experience that would make me think this was an issue. I've never had kids. And my bf is not small, he's actually above average, in both length and width.

I started doing kegels and even got some kegel weights, but it doesn't seem to be helping anything but the opening. And our sex life hasn't improved, if anything it's worse.

Is there something I can be doing that I'm missing?

I'm incredibly hurt, and confused. I love sex, and I want to please my bf. Right now I feel worthless as a partner.

Edit: he said he's never had this problem with another partner. I asked him about masturbation habits when he first told me, and he said nothing had changed since his previous relationships.