I swear I've never had a problem, through girlfriends and one night stands. Maybe whiskey dick a couple of time but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm healthy and generally have quite a bit of stamina and rounds in me. That is until I met this girl. She's probably the most attractive of any of the girls I've been with physically, and she has a very easy going attitude. Right now we are sort of once or twice a week fuck and cuddle buddies, and I've expressed I'd like more but she's just not there. I feel like this contributed to me getting a little anxious about the situation sometimes, which makes me, who's normally a confidently social person, more reserved around her. It's a super foreign feeling to me. That aside It still frustrates me that every time I get into it with her, once I reach a winded state, my erection pretty suddenly goes away even though im still super horny. Its embarrasing. I've tried paying attention to my diet and masturbating less, but these things have never been an issue before. What are your thoughts?