After browsing on this subreddit for a bit, I made an account to get some help, anything would be appreciated :) My girlfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months now, and we have sex very regularly. We are comfortable with each other and have basically perfect communication as well. I always go down on her, or use my hands as much as I can as well. She has explained she has never had an orgasm, and I know that this is common for girls. I just want her to feel a clitoral orgasm though. She gradually gets up to this point where she is at the peak of climax when I am going down on her, and stays there for a few seconds, her back even arches and she has to hold on to something. It seems like she's about to climax, and then it just stops. This is at the end of probably me going down for 20 or so minutes, and previous stimulation with my hand. I don't think that I'm that bad at it either, as she says it feels really great, which is why I don't believe that that is the issue. I know I have had friends tell me this has happened to them too, and I just am looking for any advice. She has not masturbated before, which I think could be a problem, and maybe an answer in itself, but if I can get her that close, I feel as though I can make her orgasm. I also do not think she is comfortable with toys.