I’m a 20 years old female and I have been with my boyfriend [23] for almost 2 years now. He’s honestly the best boyfriend he’s always there for me, he spoils me and he is my best friend.

He works really hard 6 days a week and he is always there for me and is supporting me while I’m studying he never asks for anything from me (sorry to gush about him haha but hes great.)

Even when it comes to sex he spoils me and he’s very giving and puts my needs first. As valentines day is approaching I want to make a fuss of him for a change and show him how much I appreciate and love him and what he does for me and make tomorrow night all about him. I’ve bought him presents, got myself sexy underwear and I’m making him his favourite meal etc.

But i want to know whats the sexiest things I can do for him? I want to give him the best night of sex he’s ever had lmao 🤭 and make it about him all night, so any suggestions guys??? :) (it can be as crude as you want I’m really going all out for him haha) and/or some tips to really blow his mind 😘 thanks!

EDIT: So you guys think it would be best for me to be kinda like ‘I’ll do anything you want baby’ rather than just surprising him with something?

EDIT: also this is what I’ve bought to wear for him https://www.agentprovocateur.com/gb_en/alannah-suspender-red Is that sexy enough? I just want everything to be perfect for him 🤣