My boyfriend [23] and I [23] are doing long distance (and it is working out really well), but obviously we don't have as much physicality with each other as we did in the past. Of course we miss it, but it isn't a deal breaker because we are close in many other aspects.

However, my roommate [24] gets really anxious, angry, and off putting if she hasn't had sex with her boyfriend for more than a few days.

I get that every relationship is different, but I'm curious to know how much you THINK sex should play in a relationship, and how much sex ACTUALLY plays in your relationship.

For example, Sex makes up about 20% of my relationship because it brings me closer to my partner in terms of trust and affection, and we find pleasure in it, but we don't get to have sex often. I think sex should make up to 35% of a relationship for it to be healthy. We've been dating for about 2.5 years.

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