I hope I'm not the only one who's young and is sick of guys my age. Maybe I'm just regarded as a hole to fuck and nothing more, I don't know. My pleasure isn't of concern to them, like, at all. It's gotten to the point where I don't look forward to sex and pretty much avoid the topic if it comes up. I'm especially critical of "suggestive" messages sent my way because I know exactly what will happen. I go over, we do foreplay for 30 seconds until he's hard, he flips me over and fucks me, then leaves. All in a matter of 5 minutes. One awful guy flat-out told me that "if I don't enjoy the penetration then why did you agree to having sex with me?" Well shit, I don't know, sex is usually for mutual pleasure, and trust me, your baby dick isn't making it any easier. Even if the sex is "good" for me it ends in a few minutes and the guy leaves. I can cum 3+ times in a row when masturbating and I often have to go home and do that after sex. This has kinda led me to ignore guys more often because they offer nothing to me.

Is this common for anyone else my age? Are older men really the holy grail?

edit: are women usually pelted with creepy PMs after posting on reddit?