Hey, my friends made me hella insecure about my virginity and the fact that I haven't had sex with a woman.

They all don't mean it that way, but it hurts when you only get tagged in facebook memes about foreveraloneguy crap yeah lol.

I thought there was something wrong with me for liking girls. They make it seem like I am not worthy. My best friend doesn't do this crap but HIS friends always make fun of me and it's fucking annoying.

So I just took it online and I have to say the comments I get from girls are flattering. Some girls love to watch me and others want me to come over and take them to poundtown.

It's really great from my self esteem too. When you're being told all the time that you look like a fapbear to a stud with a magnificent cock, yeah that helps!

I just make sure I don't have my face in my pics/vids/livestreams and also not give out any personal info unless I'm sure I know where the girl lives, is this a bad idea still though? Did any of you came to a regret later? The worst I fear for is that I get blackmailed.

A girl asked me to come over next week and have sex with her but I'm fucking nervous too