My girlfriend (26F) and I (28M) wanted to have a simple weekend at home, however last Saturday night we unexpectedly held a 'Sexy Off' and it was a huge success resulting in a late night at the local bar ending with a passionate… night cap ;-)

As my girlfriend and I were cleaning out our closet late at night, she commented on how ugly she thought one of my old button down shirts was. This stuck a cord with me because it used to be apart of an outfit (under a sweater) that I thought was one of my best back when I was single. I joking challenged her to a ‘Sexy Off’ and to my surprise she was all for it.

The rules were simple, we each privately got dressed in our sexiest outfits then revealed ourselves to each other.

What started as a fun little joke turned into a lot more. Since we had each taken the time to get dressed up, we figured we might as well go to the bar, where we had an amazing conversation. After living with each other for over a year, we each thought we had a good understanding of the other person, however this experience forced us to see what the other person valued in themselves, and considered sexy. Plus it was a lot of fun to go the extra mile for each other and brought a random passion flair into what was going to be just a normal night.

With Valentine's Day coming up, I high recommend you challenge your partner to a Sexy Off / #SexyOff, and enjoy an amazing night together! _^

What do you think, and if you tried something like this out, how did it go?

TL;DR: Challenge your partner to a Sexy Off, get dressed in your absolute best, reveal yourselves to each other, get ready for a passion filled night!