Hi guys, with the increase of number of smurfs on this game I was thinking about how much toxicity there's been on the game and throwers and right now the best thing we have against it is the report system .

But It'd be nice if you can reward positive behavior and great communication/teamwork by a small reward system.

how it'd work after the end of every match , you could choose to give one or two of your teammates points for "good teamwork" , "good communication" , "positive behavior"

You can only give a player one point even if you see them in your next matches

if a player collects enough points (a big amount) on certain traits , they get to earn "medals' that appear either on their career profile or next to their portrait or have a special portrait for each rank?

they also unlock some sprays and player icons

when your teammates can see those medals and icons , your profile would showing more than normal stats that a computer can't really register and you'd feel confident with that kind of player on your team when you see them ^