My wife has orgasmed twice since we've been together. Both times she was on top. She managed to do it by keeping me inside her (no up and down) and sort of rocking her hips back and forth. In general, that seems to be when she most enjoys sex. The thing is...she seems to not want to do it, and it very much seems like she is self-conscious about being on top.

Have any women this problem? I think it might either be a body image thing or possibly a control thing. What I mean by the latter is that instead of being "acted upon", like when she is on bottom and I am going into her, she is the one who has to do the "acting". She comes from a conservative family and frankly her and I are worlds apart on sex. Or like I said, it could be that she does not like being on top because unlike missionary where faces are close together, hey body is "exposed" and visible. She's always had some body image issues, despite my efforts to convince her otherwise.

She'll do it, but hesitantly. When I suggest she get on top it's sort of like an "I guess...sigh" type deal.