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I call this the "eagle dive"

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If Brigitte trailer was 10% more Realistic

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Anyone else wish the anniversary menu screen used our selected skins?

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When there's 3% left and you're getting stun locked at spawn but you turn on the jets and save the day

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"Flickshots are only useful for hitscan heroes."

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[BUG] Mei's Ultimate can slip through the cracks of the breakable floor in Petra

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It’s been a while since the training map has been updated, and some abilities are still unusable. How about some Bastion sentries?

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I think I should quit Overwatch because i'm never going to top this 6k

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Comp Deathmatch is actually terrible.


Overwatch Anniversary 2018 Infographic

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When Overwatch characters listen to Devilman no Uta