This thread yesterday had some good discussion on erections and some of the problems that men face when their erections start dwindling. This isn’t just a problem for older men. Dr. Lamm fully acknowledges this and has several examples of men in their 20s failing to get good erections. If you are in this boat, you definitely aren’t alone.

A couple of years ago, when I was 26 or so, I started to notice that I had trouble keeping it up during sex and I barely got morning wood anymore. I could get it up with some effort, but when I did it was only kind of hard and quickly went away. I stumbled on this book and it completely changed the way I think about erections and overall health.

His main argument is that the hardness of a man’s erection is actually a very accurate barometer for a man’s general health. He starts off by explaining that many men don’t really have the motivation to get healthy and in shape when you just tell them that they’ll decrease their risk of heart attack and stroke, but when you tell them that if they get healthy they’ll start having quality erections again, and as a result much better sex, they finally listen. This was the case for me. I had become a little overweight, was mostly sedentary, and ate shitty food and drank too much.

The book was published in 2009, so some of it may be a little outdated, but the premise is simple. He goes in to detail about what makes erections happen, and what makes them fail. Then he outlines a 6 week program to achieve effortless, rock hard erections again. There are no gimmicks, and the program is simple. He wants you to walk A LOT, do a few body weight exercises and stretches every day, take some supplements, and pay attention to what you eat. I admittedly did not follow the program completely to a T, but in just three weeks or so, I started to have effortless, throbbing erections again, and morning wood just about every single day. I haven’t been this hard since I was a teenager, and I’m at a healthy BMI again.

If you take any of the supplements he recommends (which can start to get expensive), I suggest the L-arginine and pycnogenol combo, which increases NO production, the main cause of an erection. If you are older and have a much more severe case of ED, you may want to follow his program to a T.

You of course should see a doctor if you are concerned about ED, especially because in some cases it can be a signal for a much more serious underlying cause, but if they recommend Viagra or Cialis, I strongly encourage you to at least try this program first. Dr. Lamm does explain that in some cases, yes, these drugs are your best bet. But for most men they are just a bandaid. If you don’t at least try to change your diet and lifestyle to try and have quality erections for life, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Hope this helps!