So I'm a mid-gold and pretty much belong in gold. I've floated between 2480 to 2080 this season. In my mind, when I encounter smurfs, they are beautiful to watch, even if a bit annoying (but that's a whole different argument). Anyways, today I faced Widowmaker smurf that was utterly shredding our team, really really clean headshot multi-kills etc.

Some people complained and the smurf responded with something quite curious: they wanted to practice Widow in gold/plat because they just weren't good enough to win in Masters on their main; by their own admission, the godlike Widow play that was devastating our team was poor up in the Master bracket.

So it got me thinking... where does the skill curve suddenly jump to the moon? I've heard there are only minor differences between gold, plat, and diamond, but at Masters/GM, are players exponentially more skilled even at super small SR differences, like 3900 and 4000?

This is a bit of a ramble of a post but I was so curious at the juxtaposition of this awesome Widow basically saying they were considered trash in Masters

EDIT: This has had some great responses. Thanks so much everyone. After thinking about this more, I'm actually really glad to occasionally run into smurfs; that Widow punished my bad positioning so much, and it really made me think. Fairly sure I discovered two new spots on Oasis because of it. Being stuck in gold means I never truly get to experience that kind of high-level mentality, as you can essentially play like a donkey and still remain unpunished with a bit of luck. I think climbing into plat would sculpt me into a plat player, if that makes sense. I can say for sure that I definitely enjoy low plat / high gold games so much more than low gold / high silver. Obviously I would hate to encounter smurfs all the time...