My wife whom I loved very much and I had a very limited, casual sex life for the first 1 year of our marriage. Even I have limitless fantasies going on my mind I always held myself back because I though she might afraid. My fear was based on her attitude towards sex, which I think I know for all this time.

I should say that we called our genitals penis and vagina even during intercourse.

However about one week ago, during make up she forced me to say "I'm going to fuck your pussy" with that beginning one thing let to another she was screaming "stick your big cock in my tight asshole and make it gape" etc

Of course many talking like that stayed as just talks. She enjoyed it way too much and reached one orgrasm after another.

I fear it may be a one time thing but she kept talking like that now. She starts making outs like " I need your cock in my wet pussy"

So this is fun and great for me. But as she keeps pushing me further I still fear at some point she may stop and regret what she started.

Should I try to pushing these talks further or let her to command.

And the bigger question is, should I try to act like we talk. For example we only did casual blowjobs, slow and gentle but now she says "she need it deep in her throat" or same thing goes with anal. Should I adapt my behaviour with the talks or let talkings, stay as talks (as she mentioned "sometimes just the power of words cause her to reach orgams")