The link above was what I posted last week. Well, turns out she also feels like initiation is on her and like she's under pressure to make our sex life happen. Amazing right?? Total different pages. I don't know HOW in the hell she hasn't picked up on my advances but apparently she hasn't. I believe a commenter even suggested that might be the problem in my last post.

So, great. My gf IS attracted to me. She DOES want sex. It's NOT all on me. Sooo, how do I initiate in a way that is hard to miss? I don't ever announce, "I am attempting to turn you on." I don't typically express that I want sex. I do that with her bf because guys are so much easier to get sex going with.

I usually kiss on her and caress her in ways I usually am only doing it for sex, dig nails into her (she likes it), and such things as that. Apparently she just thinks I'm trying to get close, not initiating sex. Any ideas??