But because it's lite-competitive. This is exactly what I have been looking for the whole time: something just challenging enough to be serious, but not enough to be toxic over. The problem with Comp is that people are way too serious sometimes, and that breeds toxicity. When playing Comp CTF, I have the feeling that people are not as sour when they get a loss, but at the same time, they still put effort into making a win.

I find it funny that now Arcade offers more than QP can. If you win Comp CTF, you get XP, loot boxes, and Comp point. You win QP, you get....Xp.

Isn't Arcade mode supposed to be for people to mess around and QP to be semi-serious? The general attitude in QP is that nobody cares enough to put in any effort to win, because nothing is at stake, or nothing significant to gain. At this point I don't even know the purpose of QP. If that is where people come to mess around, just rename it to Arcade instead, and keep Comp in Arcade and make it QP. That will somehow decrease the incidence of people making smurf account to practice new hero, I guess? Maybe not. But the point is, QP just feels dead, and Arcade is more fun to be in.