I'm not posting for advice or support. But I want to remind other people (the younger crowd especially) that these are real and common situations.

I always thought to get a sexual disease you would have to be extremely promiscuous, the type of person that has crazy amount of sex or be in the sex field.

Learn from my and other people mistakes. Wear protection even if you feel like the other person is trustworthy or safe. I am damn lucky that its chlamydia and this is treatable. others are not so lucky. My ex roommate contracted genital herpes from his girlfriend a couple months back. I should've learned from them.

But I didn't. I thought STD's were very uncommon, and I thought I was so unlikely to get it, and i had this mentality of "nothing like that is ever going to happen to me".

Clearly I was wrong, stupid and naive. I'm sure a lot of you guys know this and do this with good habit. But I wanted to share for the people who had my mentality or even to the ones who have been careless with protection lately.