Best of 2017! These are some of the top-posts in terms of up-votes, number of comments, and relevancy to futurology from the 2017 year.

This thread will be in "Contest Mode" so comments will be randomized and not sorted by up-vote count. Feel free to suggest your own links to the categories below as well.

Here are the categories and the links to the original Reddit thread submission.







We'll keep the post open for a week or so then announce the results.


Congratulations to our winners. u/westernhaiku for Biotech and u/yuge_balls for Economics. Enjoy your fancy new Best of 2017 flair. The others top threads were from our resident u/mvea who is obviously a super-intelligent AI from the future and knows how to find the best threads and farm that sweet sweet karma that ends up being the currency of the future in 2091