(ECNS) -- A magnetic levitation (maglev) train prototype developed by a Chinese firm that can run 600 km an hour is planned to be unveiled around June 2020.

CRRC Corp. Ltd., China's largest rail transport equipment maker, will start research and development on 600 km/h maglev trains that would consume 35 percent less energy compared to those abroad.

Plans also call for a 40 degree centigrade decrease in temperature in its electromagnets and a 6 percent lower weight.

Construction on the maglev rail line will adopt electro-magnetic suspension (EMS) technology, which is mature enough and can be quickly adapted in the engineering, the company said.

The firm will also begin R&D on cross-border high-speed trains that can run 400 km per hour as well as safety assurance technology for rail traffic systems.

China has seen rapid development of its high-speed railways in recent years, with the total length now surpassing 20,000 km, the world's longest.

The country started operation of its first homegrown maglev rail line in May with trains running at a maximum speed of 100 km an hour.


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China to unveil 600 km/h maglev train in 2020