I seem to be the antithesis of the typical e-cigarette user..

Started with a Atmos pen & e-juice from VapeWild. Loved how affordable everything is but I cannot stand the mess of e-juice tank filling & I prefer to not be blowing large clouds. My preference lies in the discrete use. Enter cig-alikes.

Non-smoker but I like the small form-factor of cig-alikes and I'd rather get prefilled tanks cartridges for these than to continue with e-juice filling (as a non-smoker I don't see myself going through carts at a fast pace so I am not deterred by higher cost of prefilled).

My question is: where can I find valuable compatible prefilled tanks carts? I have a Blu battery & a V2 battery, 510 & 808 thread, respectively. Blu carts are too expensive & are rather high in nicotine for me. V2 carts are inexpensive but not the greatest flavors or selection.


edit: wrong terminology