15 week old terrier, home for 1 week.

First few days took the crate great, slept by the bedside and slept through the night with only 5 minutes of whimpering, and would walk in freely when we brought the crate out to the main room. Decided to leave the crate in the main room to sleep one night, led to soiling the bed for the first time & heart-wrenching whimpering for half hour. Thought "he'll get use to it." Second night same thing and now he avoids the crate like the plague.

Spent the day re-training with luring him in with kibble, throwing toys into crate when playing & feeding meals inside it too. Still showing signs of avoidance. He's gonna have to spend the night in it tonight. Already planned a 2am alarm for potty time (wee-wee pads) to avoid the soiling.

Should I be stern/strong to keep him in his main area ("earlier the better" mentality) or get him back bedside for some more time?