Artificial intelligence robots are learning human behaviour by binge-watching YouTube videos.

Google, which also owns YouTube, has put together a database of 57,600 clips for the tech giant's AI droids to watch and learn from. 

They believe having AIs watch thousands of videos of human behaviour will help them understand "what humans are doing, what they might do next and what they are trying to achieve". 

Every three-second clip in the database, named AVA, is taken from TV shows and movies from around the world. 

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Each clip labels a person for the AI to watch, along with a description of their posesand whether they are interacting with an object or another human. 

The range of 210,000 actions includes videos of people walking, kicking, hugging, kissing, shaking hands. 

A recent Google blog post read: "Despite exciting breakthroughs made over past years in classifying and finding objects in images, recognising human actions still remains a big challenge. This is due to the fact that actions are, by nature, less well-defined than objects in videos.

"We hope that the release of AVA will help improve the development of human action recognition systems in the future." 

It is thought the technology could help Google advertisers better target consumers, based on the actions a person is more likely to watch. 

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and CEO of Tesla, has called AI "a bigger threat than North Korea". 

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AI robots learn human behaviour by watching YouTube videos