Note: To those coming from /r/all user /u/Panromir gave this quick summary if you're unfamiliar with the situation

To everyone coming from /r/all (where this is #1 right now):

Blizzard have started a so called ARG (Alternate Reality Game) teasing a new hero for their game Overwatch. In that ARG the hero "hacked" the blizzard forums leaving clues that the players could decode. Overall that was a fun experience.

Now they left those who followed the event a website ( with a very slow going countdown that ended today (after several weeks). At the end of the countdown we got: Nothing. People here are fed up.

Let me start by saying some of the ARG stuff is cool. Like the website or small hints in game. However all this Sombra "hype" has reached a point where I'm completely sick and tired of hearing about her. Sure, I'm excited for a new hero. But at this point Sombra has become more of a meme than an actual character. And nothing they introduce with her will be able to live up to the, frankly frustrating, amount of hype she's been given. It seems like every time we're FINALLY going to see a release, it turns out to be yet another teaser.

I guess the short answer is I'm sick of hearing about her. And if this is how every hero is going to be treated from now on, I worry every character will be released to disappointment rather than excitement.

EDIT: Only 20 minutes in and this has already hit number 36 on /r/all. I tweeted this link to the Overwatch twitter, hopefully they'll take this as notice that this has been a horribly handled hero release and maybe we'll get hero reveals more like Ana in the future.

EDIT 2: Annnd number 1 on the front page of /r/all. I think that's all the proof Blizzard needs.

Also a kind stranger gave gold and I felt their message was just too good to keep for myself:

"I really really hope someone at Blizzard reads your post. You've said what most of the community is thinking, and hopefully Blizzard won't do this again. With the way Blizzard is treating her, Sombra better be able to shoot lasers out of her ass and turn aluminum into gold."

Final Edit: So I've gotten an inbox full (about 45+ PMs) of people asking me why this post is being massively downvoted. At one point it was up to 11k and now it's half that. My best guess is that once it hit the front page it got hit with bots or something to that effect. It really does not bother me that this post is losing fake internet points. I think the point has been made and hopefully Blizzard heard it! Please don't send me any more messages about the downvotes, thanks!